Symulator Trackman

Trackman Simulator – Trackman 4 is the newest and most up to date radar detecting golf club and ball flight. Thanks to thorough analysis, golfer can optimize his/her swing and improve hitting technique. Trackman 4 technology consists basically of two radars – one that detects club path and second one that measures ball flight.

This is the only one product currently available on market to analyze and measure all components, causes and effects of the golf swing. Later, it creates a full report of the actual shot. Performance Enhancing Software was developed in collaboration with top coaches and players in the world. Combination of data, video and graphics has become an integral part speeding up the learning process of every player.

We have 5 independent Trackman 4 hitting bays/simulators at Studio Gwiaździsta 5.

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Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons – Studio Gwiaździsta 5 offers you golf lessons with our PGA of Poland instructors. They will be able to easily prepare your game for the upcoming season. If you want to work on your golf swing, change technique and find your strengths or weaknesses- Studio Gwiaździsta 5 is the perfect fit for you!

Mariusz Gaik

fully qualified PGA of Poland trainer, available at First Warsaw Golf & CC during summer season too. He is certified Trackman Level 2 professional. In addition to that, he also is K Vest Level 1 certified. Mariusz clearly points out -‘’ Based on the disposition of each student, I am improving their game effectiveness’’.

Contact: 734 468 384

Darek Bobiński – fully qualified PGA of Poland trainer, seen at First Warsaw Golf & CC for many years. Like Mariusz, he also poses K Vest Level 1 and Trackman Level 2 certification. As he admits: ‘’I do not teach golf, I am trying to help people understand how to play the game’’.

Contact: 503 646 103


Corporate Tournaments & Events

Organize a corporate tournament, event, or business meeting with us! You can choose a small cozy VIP room or book all simulators at once and create simultaneous tournament for bigger group of people. Our studio has also large conference room available for business meetings.

Studio Gwiaździsta 5 guarantees technical support, simulator supervision, food catering and branding advertisement availability. On top of all of that, we can provide fully qualified golf instructors.

Would you like to organize business golf academy? No problem at all!!! We can advise on instructors who can easily introduce your clients to this beautiful sport.

Please send us inquiry at: studio@gwiazdzista5.pl


Łukasz Kużmicki – fully certified physiotherapist and coach. He specializes mainly in motor preparation and general development. He’s been an athlete since little kid where he trained boxing, volleyball, track and field, kickboxing, krav maga and running. Since 2002, Łukasz became a player for Folc AZS AWF Warsaw. He also tried in military program called experimental duos. His experience allowed him to cross paths with best doctors and physiotherapists in the world. He was awarded Master’s degree at AWF Warsaw in 2005, where in 2011 added another degree and become physiotherapist. Łukasz also was a part of Welsh Rugby Union as a therapist for soft tissues, where he prepared Welsh senior team for a World Cup in 2011.

Contact: 602 268 108

Ladies League

Ladies’ nights at Studio Gwiaździsta 5.

We would like to welcome ladies to our ladies’ league. Since 11.01 until 22.03 ladies have simulators reserved strictly for them to play a golf tournament at Trackman’s.

Every week on Tuesday at 18:00, ladies are competing in stroke play net category.

Based on 10 rounds, we will calculate the points system under Order of Merit. Do not worry! If you miss one round, you will be able to continue the following week!

These are going to be unforgettable Tuesday nights! Our VIP room has a special price for our ladies of only 150 PLN!

Administrative fee of 150 PLN will be paid once and distributed for prizes. Each week ladies split up the price of a reservation between themselves.

More information available at: info@gwiazdzista5.pl or cell phone: 786 991 720

Create your own simulator bay

Do you want to build your own Trackman simulator at your house or commercial studio? We can help! Our offer includes building of professional hitting area, adjustment to your needs, installation, and Trackman testing. You can have professional training simulator with our help. We already have extensive experience with building multiple bays in Poland!

Offer inquiry: studio@gwiazdzista5.pl

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