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Mariusz Gaik

Mariusz Gaik is a Qualified Golf Trainer PGA Poland. He teaches at First Warsaw Golf &CC during the summer season. Mariusz is a certified Trackman professional level 2 coach and holds a K VEST Level 1 diploma. “Based on the predispositions of each of my charges, I improve their effectiveness in the game,” says Mariusz.

Contact: 734 468 384

Darek Bobiński

Darek Bobiński is a Qualified Golf Trainer PGA Poland, for several years associated with First Warsaw Golf &CC. Darek is K VEST Level 1 and Trackman professional level 2 certified. He says “I don’t teach people to play golf, I try to help them understand how to play”.

Contact: 503 646 103


Michał Zawistowski has been involved in golf since childhood and specialises in teaching beginners. “I try to teach people in a practical way. So that in the simplest possible way they can use what they have learned and understand how it works,” he says.

Contact: 510 010 229

Paweł Czerwonka is a member of the PGA Poland, with the title of Golf Instructror. He teaches daily in Lublin and Warsaw. “There are many ways to reach the same goal. I invite you to train with Trackman”.

Contact: 693 865 056

Ryszard Kużmicki

Łukasz Kużmicki is a physiotherapist and a trainer. Lukasz specialises, among others, in motoric preparation and general development training. Fascinated with sport – from martial arts to rugby. He graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw and from Physiotherapy.

Contact: 602 268 108

Tomasz Wiśniewski is a Fully Qualified Golf Professional PGA Poland and also an assistant coach of the National Team. Associated with Kalinowe Pola GC almost from its beginnings. He is also known for his perfectly led and successful junior team at Kalinowe Pola.
Tomasz Wiśniewski gives lessons at Studio Gwiaździsta 5 in Zielona Góra

Contact 695 653 321