+48 661 666 472     golf.gwiazdzista5@winkowski.pl

The largest golf simulator center in Poland is located on Gwiaździsta 5, in Żoliborz, Warsaw.
We are open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm.

Our telephone number is +48 661 666 472, email golf.gwiazdzista5@winkowski.pl

There are 5 latest Trackman simulators on site, as well as a GolfTeam shop with golf equipment, clothing and accessories, and ALL4GOLF golf service, where services related to the repair of equipment and a bar with cold and hot drinks are provided.

We invite advanced and beginner golf enthusiasts of all ages.

About Studio Gwiaździsta 5, a new place for golf enthusiasts in Warsaw, Rafał Bryndal talks to its initiator Tadeusz Winkowski:

When we met many years ago, your passion was sailing, and now it is golf? Is there something that connects these two sports?

Good company. In sailing, despite the fact that I was alone on a boat, the most important people were always associated with this sport. If it weren’t for them, I would certainly not have played this sport. It’s the same with golf.

For me, the most important thing is the atmoshere created by enthusiasts of this discipline. I like to meet them and talk not only about golf. When buying golf simulators, I wanted to go back to basics in a way. I used to belong to a sailing club that had a boatbuilding workshop. There wasn’t even a table there. Nevertheless, a dozen or so people came there every day in the afternoon to stay with each other, to talk about sailing and life. Everyone liked and respected each other.

Now, thanks to the golf studio, you want to create a similar place, which will no longer be visited by sailors, but golfers ...

I dream that around these Trackmen, a popular meeting place would be created for golfers from different backgrounds. I would like golfers to come here not only to play and practice, but also to spend time in a good company. It is supposed to be a club where you can talk, sit and watch the most important golf events over a coffee or a variety of drinks. I hope that with time it will be a place that will integrate the golf community from all over Poland.

(Whole inteview in Golf&Roll)